Your constitutional right is fundamental, and unfortunately, many will try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge around your constitutional rights. The accused party is either unaware they are breaking your rights or assume they can get away with it because of your lack of knowledge around your constitutional rights. I have spent an entire career fighting for civil and human rights and defending the constitution since so many are taken advantage of. We often hear that someone’s constitutional rights have been breached, but what does that mean, and why should we be concerned? The answer is simple because our constitutions matter. 

  1. Constitutions protect vulnerable groups from abuse.
  2. Constitutions allow people to stand up to societal and political corruption.
  3. Constitutions protect people’s rights and ensure that basic needs are met.
  4. Constitutions encourage freedom of speech and expression.
  5. Constitutions give people the freedom to practice their religion.
  6. Constitutions allow us to hold governments to account.

Accordingly, the enforcement and protection of our constitutional rights are essential for a fair, free and democratic society. 

Therefore, to take our constitutional rights seriously, we need to properly educate ourselves and our children on the importance of our rights and constitution and what it means. For when we all stand up together for our constitutional rights, this is a mighty thing to behold. 

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