In times such as these, with the current crisis still very much affecting our day-to-day lives, everyone is looking for a quick hustle. This means that there is a greater likelihood that the products or services offered by your business can be copied or stolen. Here are four reasons why it is essential to register your business mark and protect your business’s intellectual property rights:

  1. Your Mark is Protected 

By registering your business name and/or logo, you will be able to ensure that no one else will be able to use your mark or even something similar. The time, effort and skill you pour into your business will not be able to be exploited by anyone else.

  1. The Credibility of Your Work is Protected  

The high standard and quality of your goods and services will only be associated with your mark. So even if another business may offer identical or similar products or services, your customers will always be able to distinguish your goods from that of another company. 

  1. You Have the Right to Sue 

Since you have registered your mark, if anyone should infringe it, you have the right to institute legal proceedings against them for using your mark.

  1. You Can Now Use the ® Symbol  

This would add to the prestige and reputability of your business. It now means that your mark has been legally registered at your local intellectual property office and is afforded all the protections under the law. 

With that being said, we at JC Legal Solutions know that running a business is already stressful as it is. Therefore, let us take the hassle of ensuring the intellectual property rights of your business are protected. 

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