Four-Step Guide

If you were in an accident of any kind or were injured at no fault of your own, finding the right personal injury lawyer is crucial. You don’t want just any lawyer to handle litigation– it is essential to do your research and find the right team that fits your needs.

To find out if a lawyer is right for you, you should sit down with them to discuss your claim and the best way of handling it. You should bring all of the documents relevant to your case, such as police documents and medical bills, to name a few; it will only hurt you if you don’t have enough information to help your case. The majority of lawyers won’t charge for the first consultation, and if they do, you should look somewhere else. After giving the lawyer the basics of your claim, there are a few things you should find out before continuing.

  1. The Basics in Their Working Background 

You should find out a little bit about their experience and background, such as how long they have been practicing, how much of their practice involves personal injury cases, and other essential information that can give you a better idea of their knowledge and experience with personal injury law.

  1. Who is Going to Work on Your Case?

Lawyers will team up with less experienced paralegals or lawyers in many law firms, which will help fast-track your case. In addition to speed, it can also be less expensive if you are paying by the hour because a newer lawyer will be cheaper and will be useful to handle the time-consuming paperwork. 

  1. Find Out the Size of the Firm

In many cases, people will go with a larger firm because they think it will scare the insurance company to get them a more significant settlement, but that isn’t true. Larger firms sometimes spend money unnecessarily, so going with a smaller firm might be better. By going with a smaller firm, you will most likely have more concentrated attention from the lawyers.

  1. Determine Your Settlement Goal

After you discuss your case’s facts and the history of your negotiations with the insurance company, the lawyer will probably give you a general opinion of how much your case is worth and the likelihood of you getting a settlement within the range you want. This is when you can discuss the different ways to approach the case and whether the lawyer intends to handle it the way you want to take it. 

Asking to approach the case a certain way when you hire a lawyer doesn’t mean you are stuck with that way of handling it. As the case develops, you can always change the methods that you use to approach the case. You can adjust as you go and adapt as you see fit if you feel that you want to spend more or less on it.

Now that you have all the components to choose the right personal injury lawyer, we hope you will feel more comfortable selecting the lawyer that is the right fit for you. We hope that this is a lawyer from JC Legal Solutions, but regardless, we hope you feel equipped with the right tools and questions to ask when deciding on your legal counsel. Contact JC Legal Solutions today for a FREE consultation.